Saturday, February 13, 2010

Swimming Pool Toys (for babies and small kids)

Water is a great way to relax and enjoy good times with family and friends.
When it comes to water, it doesn't matter if it's a lake, river, ocean or your own swimming pool. Toys for swimming pools are available especially for babies and kids as well as adults only types of toys. Here are some popular inflatable swimming pool toys for smaller children. So much little cost! These are discount priced swimming pool inflatables so there's sure to be something to fit anyone's budget. Check out these swimming pool toys or see a new selection of swimming pool toys for babies, floating toys with or without canopies and a very cool little floating seat for babies or a floating baby pool toy boat.

Intex See-Me-Sit Riders

The See Me Sit Riders are the perfect pool toy for those ages 3 - 6. Available character designs are the turtle (39.5" x 31.5") and the New Happy Rhino (41" x 31.5"). Smooth leg holes support the rider's legs and we've included a repair patch as well. Pool Turtle & Pool Rhino available. Extended features include:

* 2 Styles Available
* Turtle 39.5" x 31.5" Approx Inflated Size
* New Happy Rhino 41" x 31.5" Approx Inflated Size
* 10 ga. (0.25mm) Vinyl
* Smooth Leg Holes
* Repair Patch included
* Maximum Weight: 50 lbs inflatable swimming pool toys on sale

Inflatable Gator Rider
Lay Low & Sneak up on your Prey!

Ain't she a 'beaut, mate?! Our inflatable vinyl alligator has the soul of the Florida Gators in him. Lay low on this alligator's back and sneak up on your prey! This outdoor inflatable toy makes for tons of fun and safe activity. Pool gator now in stock for season. Get your Inflatable Pool Gator Float Rider now.

* Size: 80" x 45"
* Shell: Heavy duty PVC vinyl 12 ga



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